Are new technologies a threat to philologies?

Philology is the study of one language through the documents written wich make it known.

As the same way,archeology studies the vestiges materials from the past, philology gets interested in words and it strains to know the civilizations of the antiquity through the study of the literary testimonies which are kept thanks to them. For this reason I do not think that technologies are a threat for philologies, although it is soon to know the influence which it will exert.

Nowadays, we can only speculate what will happen in the future. The object of philology, is to find differnt specific historic demostrations, by particular languages, so maybe, one day, one part of philology will be dedicated explaining and analizing the language of very particular abbrevations, signs, and different words which are nowadays of present situation because of the extended use of the Internet.

The truth creators of philology were the ones designated as “grammarians” and they argued in the poet interpretation schools and they worried about published the texts of the writers from the past. One part of their work was to purify the traditional text and explain it, so maybe, the work of a future philologue will be centred in purifying the texts which nowadays circulate in that big net called Internet. Without doubt, it makes easier the learning of people and minimizes the effort of work and time which required in the past the recopilation of information.

But I personally think that the Internet and the new technologies are one complement for our future work it will lend big services in the language study.



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