Research topics on HTL (Q2)

In this article we are going to see the most recent researches mentioned in many sites of Human Language Technologies.

Refering to the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence we realise that:

These themes are elaborated in research, development and commercial projects:

  • exploiting – and automatically extending – ontologies for content processing
  • tighter integration of shallow and deep techniques in processing
  • enriching deep processing with statistical methods
  • combining language checking with structuring tools in document authoring
  • document indexing for German and English
  • automatically associating recognized information with related information and thus building up collective knowledge
  • automatically structuring and visualizing extracted information
  • processing information encoded in multiple languages, among them Chinese and Japanese.

The Edimburgh Language Technology Group develops the following areas:

  • Combining Shallow Semantics and Domain Knowledge (EASIE).
  • Text Mining for Biomedical Content Curation (TXM).
  • Cross-retail Multi-agent Retail Comparison (CROSSMARC).
  • Smart Qualitalive Data: Methods and Community tools for Data Mark-up (SQUAD).
  • Machine Learning for Named Entity Recognition (SEER).
  • Integrated Models and Tools for Fine-Grained Prosody in Discourse (Synthesis).
  • Joint Action Science and Technology (JAST).
  • AMI consorting projects that are developing technologies for meeting browsing and to assist people participating in meetings from a remote location.
  • Study of how pairs collaborate when in planning a route on a map (Collaborating using diagrams).

The Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure wants Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, at March 17/18/19. the CLARIN Kick-Off meeting will take place to start our pan-European research infrastructure work. We want to achieve a number of goals at these three days:

  • We need a broad and deep understanding of the goals of CLARIN by everyone involved. Yet we cannot assume that the knowledge is already sufficiently spread.
  • We need to start the interaction with everyone involved and interested and to take up the comments and ideas from all the experts.
  • We need to spread the relevant messages about the different layers of the work that is involved when setting up a research infrastructure in particular since it involves aspects that were not yet topic of the general discussions in our field.
  • We need to create a positive atmosphere and an enthusiasm which will be important to meet our challenging goals.
  • We need to start the actual work in the working groups and invite all experts to participate.
  • Of course those who are partners in the EC funded project need to understand the rules of the game. In particular the double funding scheme – national and EC funding – needs careful attention from all of us. Other members need to be informed about the national groups.

The Association for Computational Linguistics and Natural Processing Language (Columbus, Ohio) invite student researchers to submit their work to the workshop.

  • Pragmatics, discourse, semantics, syntax and the lexicon.
  • Phonetics, phonology and morphology.
  • Linguistic, mathematical and psychological models of language.
  • Information retrieval, information extraction, question answering.
  • Summarization and paraphrasing.
  • Speech recognition, speech synthesis.
  • Corpus-based language modeling.
  • Multi-lingual processing, machine translation, translation aids.
  • Spoken and written natural language interfaces, dialogue systems.
  • Multi-modal language processing, multimedia systems.
  • Message and narrative understanding systems.




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