Characteristics of a translation task according to the FEMTI report.

FEMTI means ,The Framework for Machine Translation Evaluation in ISLE is a resource that helps MT evaluators define contextual evaluation plans. FEMTI consists of two interrelated classifications or taxonomies: the first one lists possible characteristics of the contexts of use that are applicable to MT systems. The second one lists the possible characteristics of an MT system, along with the metrics that were proposed to measure them.

According to the FEMTI report, the characteristics of the translation task refers to the information flow intended for the output, from the point of view of the agent (human or otherwise) who receives the translation. The main characteristics are the following:

  • Assimilation: The ultimate purpose of the assimilation task (of which translation forms a part) is to monitor a (relatively) large volume of texts produced by people outside the organization, in (usually) several languages.
  • Document routing or sorting: The purpose of document routing / sorting is to scan incoming translated documents quickly in order to send them to the appropriate points for further processing or storage.
  • Information extraction or summarization: The purpose of information extraction or summarization is to extract some portion(s) of the translated text, either manually or automatically, for subsequent processing or storage. Information extraction is typically concerned with filling templates by identifying atomic elements of events. In contrast, summarization aims to provide a self-contained and internally cohesive text which serves as a selective account of the original.



  • Femti- a Framework for the Evaluation of Machine Translation in ISLE. (2002). Retrived: 19 May 2008, 17:13




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